The value of having a Real-Time Disaster Recovery solution

With the world events, disaster recovery is now top of mind for many practice owners. Like insurance policies, waiting until after the disaster strikes is too late. Disasters are not always due to natural events, let’s explore an everyday problem that can quickly escalate in to a disaster situation.  It is 11:31am – your critical Server has just crashed. What do you do? Hopefully your server is repaired / replaced by 3pm, it then takes 4 – 6 hours to re-install the operating system, service packs, applications, updates, etc. It takes another 8 hours to restore your data back from tape. Your practice has no access to the appointment book for the whole day and you have just lost several hours of financial and clinical transactions, what is the business impact? How much information have you just lost? How much money have you lost?

There is an easier, faster and more affordable solution now available, StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® with VirtualBoot™ technology. That same server, regardless of its size, can now be restored by typically 11:35 to its ExactState™ from less then 30 minutes ago, delivering previous unattainable levels of business continuity for all your Windows servers, including database servers etc. Additionally, files can be restored in seconds, and it includes automated migration capabilities starting from just $770 ex GST per server.