Recent Observations by Davide

When ever I go onsite, 95% of time I get oh while you are here can you….  If time permits I usually get it sorted pretty quickly or organise for one of the staff to remote in.

Recently I was providing some training for SMS messages, I thought I would check the backups (even with out asking) after some of the recent events we have had.  Well sure enough there were errors and from what I could determine backups hadn’t run for over 3 months or longer.  What made it worse was that they had an oasis upgrade plus x-ray software installed sometime after the original backup process was setup 4 years ago.  That information was not being backed up.  Staff changes didn’t help the matter and no formal training or hand over was given.

I quickly fixed it up and spoke to the staff member and let her know what was going on.

I just can not emphasise enough how important regular maintenance of the server and its backup needs to be done every 3 months.  Data restoration testing should be carried out regularly where the backup drives/devices can be sent into us for testing.

Call us to book an onsite server check where we will check security updates, patches, general hardware health, backups and we will take a backup drive away for testing at our office and return it by express post.

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