Optus and recent Data breach

Unless you don’t read the news, you would be well aware of the recent data breach that happened at Optus.  It can happen anywhere and sadly they do get smarter and most of us Humans are too trusting.

We are an Optus customer with the business, we have over 10 services with them for mobiles and more then likely all the information about me personally is on the files, not my staff but my own.

Am I worried?  Very much so!

Am I going to panic?  Not at this stage but I am going to be very vigilant on what comes across my emails and mobile phone.

So if you are an Optus customer, read on and take into account the article I have a link to below from the ABC website which is quite useful and has some useful links.

“Information which may have been exposed includes customers’ names, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, and, for a subset of customers, addresses, ID document numbers such as driver’s licence or passport numbers,” the telco said in a statement at the time.”

Below is a link from the ABC news which is worth a read even if you are not an Optus customer.


Quick summary:

What should Optus customers do now?

Optus is still encouraging customers to be “extra vigilant”.

The telco company says this means:    

Look out for any suspicious or unexpected activity across your online accounts and report any fraudulent activity immediately to your provider

Look out for suspicious emails, texts, phone calls or messages on social media

Never click on any links that look suspicious or provide passwords, personal or financial information

Scamwatch has advised Optus customers to secure their personal information by changing online account passwords and enabling multi-factor authentication for banking.

Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) said any Optus customers who suspect they are victims of fraud should request a ban on their credit records and be highly sceptical of unexpected calls from people claiming to represent banks or government agencies.

Goodluck, be vigilant

And remember, if you ever click on a link and it asks you for your username and password to your email, never provide it unless you are 200% sure it is valid and even then, think about it and double check.  I know one if the simplest hacks is they ask you to click on a link and then enter your details to read a document they sent.

The above link does not ask you for anything.